A Progressive Voice for Community!

Family Photo Summer 2013Tom and Mason

Think about the Next Generation!



Tom has lived in Northeast Portland since arriving with Sally and two school-aged kids 30 years ago to work as a Family Nurse Practitioner. He has always had the courage to act on behalf of people in his professional, volunteer, and private life. His passion is establishing a healthy and liveable community and he cares deeply about the community voice being heard in the process. He is fighting for health care access and reproductive rights through a single payer system.  He is an activist on protecting the environment, advancing worker rights, and achieving social justice. He  enjoys gardening, a bike ride, and volunteering.

Tom is proud of the Oregonian labeling him “Sincic the unleashed progressive”. He is only beholden to the interests of his community. He has taken his philosophy and background to neighborhood, County, State and Federal policy levels with demonstrable success. (See Accomplishments). You can find more about Tom in the About Tom page. Feel free to send him an email to tell him what you are thinking. He is ready to listen.