While working in the Justice Center Jail along with Multnomah County Corrections Health administration and staff, he helped establish the “No Tobacco Policy”.

Worked to change Oregon State rules to allow sharing medical records as inmates move from corrections facility to corrections facility.

Worked to establish early identification of pregnancy in jail by writing the policy to provide pregnancy testing on request at nurse intake so that women could be connected to earlier prenatal care and/or be offered reproductive options.

Proposed legislative action that now allows Special Education physicals to be done by Nurse Practitioners.

In 2003 while President of the Oregon School-Based Health Care Network, a budget shortfall led to a funding cut for SBHC’s and the State Program Office closed. Tom went to work with others across the state to get bipartisan support, for what was at that time still a controversial issue. Funding was restored and the State SBHC Office reopened. In 2004, while working from his home office, he helped land a $1.5 million dollar Kellogg Foundation grant that led to establish of OSBHCN first staff and office.

Helped write the Oregon School-Based Health Clinic Funding Formula with assistance of Children First for Oregon and now House Speaker Tina Kotek.

Advocated in Washington D.C. as part of the National Assembly on School-Based Health Care to get the backing of then Oregon Senator Gordon Smith and then Senator Barack Obama to change Federal FQHC definition to include School-Based Health Centers.

In partnership with Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon, brought the State’s largest insurers together to discuss and establish the beginning of payment to School-Based Health Centers.

Recipient of the Health Kids Learn Better “School Champion Award”

Recognized by Multnomah County for “Outstanding dedication and service to Public Health”

Recepient of the Oregon School-Based Health Care Network “SBHC Champion” award.

OHSU Department of Pediatrics gave him a “Career Teaching Achievement Award” in 2010

While President of the Northeast United Soccer Club (NEU), he worked with the NEU Board to significantly ease access to participation and expand financial aid for kids wanting to play soccer. In addition, he and the NEU Board helped establish partnerships with Concordia University and Nike that brought significant support to NEU. NEU also began the partnership with Portland Barefoot Soccer to create the Barefoot 3 v 3 Soccer Festival as a fundraiser for HIV education in South Africa.