Health Care a Human Right

Single Payer – the Right Thing to Do for Oregon.


It is time for Oregonians to recognize that “Health Care is a Human Right.” We must establish a Single Payer health care system so every Oregonian has access to universal, high-quality affordable care. It is for the public good!


As a nurse practitioner of 35 years who has worked in a variety of health systems, I know the critical difference between health insurance and health care. Too many Oregonians with health insurance get too little care, and many more Oregonians lack any care at all.


Health care is not something you sign up for. Health care is a human right!


It is time for a simple, effective health care system to replace our hideously complex insurance system. A better health care system will encourage Oregonians to seek the health care they need, not just the health care they can afford.


My experience with single payer systems in Oregon (Medicare and Medicaid) and the experiences of single payer systems around the world convince me that single payer health care can provide the care we need at lower cost, no matter how old, sick, poor, unemployed, or disabled any of us become.


Guaranteed access is a fact of life in every other industrialized nation. We can do the same in Oregon.

I will fight to advance “Health Care a Human Right” and to make “Single Payer” a reality. Join the cause at: Health Care for All Oregon

If you are a nurse please contact: Nurses for Single Payer

Personal experiences of millions of people around America show us why it is so important that we fix our system.  Hear some of those stories at: