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Let’s work together to solve our health care issues and make Oregon declare “Health Care is a Human Right”.

Climate change is real and threats to our environment are real. We must think about future generations in our policy decisions. Stop dirty coal from coming through Portland.

Let’s “Move to Amend” and say Corporations are not people.

Let’s create policies that assure Water is for Life not for Profit.

Workers deserve their Fair Share. Support 15 NOW

Stop “Right to Work” for Less.

Small Business Matters.

Stop the criminalization of poverty. Support the Homeless Bill of Rights.

Finance–Let’s create The State Bank of Oregon.

A Woman’s Right to Choose must be protected.

Veterans deserve support.


  • Let’s build a better Columbia River Crossing and high speed rail for smarter economic growth. (Boondoggle bridge successfully defeated in 2014)
  • 82nd Ave Improvement badly needed and a good infrastructure project.

Equity in Educational Opportunity must be an essential element of state planning.

It is time for Marriage Equality (passed).

It is also time for Equal Rights in Oregon (passed)